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It’s All About The Next Cook

Checkout these exclusive free recipes inspired by your favorite chefs and resaraunts.

Sometimes they say I make meth, at times even compared to a chef.

But, they say a lot of things; only some of them true. 

Which things? 

That’s the real mystery awaiting  you!

Recipes Inspired by G. S. Gerry
eggs benedict, gordon ramsay, gordon ramsay recipes, free recipes
Eggs Benedict The Grake Den Way
Inspired by Chef Gordon Ramsay – Eggs Benedict The Grake Den Way. Come cook w/ me & learn what’s in the recipe!
egg and potato frittata, free recipes, home chef, italian frittata
Frittata The Grake Den Way
Learn more about the frittata’s origins. An Italian creation…The Grake Den Way! Come cook w/ me & learn what’s in the recipe
thanksgiving stuffing, worlds best stuffing, stuffing recipe, free recipe
The World’s Best Stuffing Ever Invented
A Grake Den family tradition. The world’s great stuffing…I guarantee it! Come cook w/ me & learn what’s in the recipe
wagyu beef recipe, home chef, free recipes
Wagyu Beef The Grake Den Way
Treat your significant other to a fine dining experience at home. Check out this Wagyu Beef done the Grake Den way! Come cook w/ me & learn what’s in the recipe
chicken wings, chicken wing recipe, smoker recipe, smoked chicken wings, free recipe
Chicken Wings The Grake Den Way
Don’t burn the house down w/ this Chicken Wing creation. Works great in the air fryer OR on the smoker. Come cook w/ me & learn what’s in the recipe