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Eggs Benedict The Grake Den Way

Eggs Benedict - Gordon Ramsay Eat Your Heart Out

Inspired by Chef Gordon Ramsay


White wine vinegar (1 Tbsp)

Eggs (3 egg yolks and 4 large eggs)

1 cup unsalted sweet cream butter

Lemon juice (1 tbsp but i squeeze half a lemon in)

English muffins

Canadian bacon OR regular bacon OR Turkey bacon

Directions Hollandaise:

  • bring 1 quart water to simmer ( no higher than medium heat) in a large saucepan over medium-low heat. Place heatproof bowl on the pan. Add egg yolks and vinegar (1 Tbsp), whisk constantly until it forms ribbons when the whisk is lifted. On 15 seconds, off seconds. Rinse, repeat, repeat & re-repeating.
  • Remove the bowl from heat, whisk in 1/4 cup melted better. Return bowl to saucepan and cook on 15 seconds, off 15 seconds. Rinse, repeat, repeat & re-repeating.
    • Repeat process with remaining butter until hollandaise is about the consistency of mayonnaise or littler looser.
    • Whisk in lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  • Important note: If sauce is too runny you need more heat applied to the sauce. Let is cook for 30 seconds, off for 15 seconds. On/off, On/off until it thickens.
  • Warning: if the temperature of the butter is too high or the pot of water is too hot/boiling YOU WILL break the sauce and have to start over from scratch.

Directions Poached Eggs:

  • Boil 3” of water in large saucepan on high heat; reduce heat to medium and maintain a light simmer. Add additional vinegar to water (1 Tbsp per 2 eggs) and stir briskly to form a vortex.
  • Break 1 egg, and slip into vortex with cup.
  • Simmer 2-3 mins and remove with slotted spoon.

Directions Canadian Bacon or other:

  • Saute Canadian Bacon in pan over medium-high heat until cooked through (3-5 mins until browning)
    • Alternative Options: Leave whole or dice into 1″ chuncks and saute until cooked through. Great options are real bacon, turkey bacon, or any other meat.

Directions English Muffin:

  • Set oven to broil OR place in toaster
  • Broil for 2 mins, flip to other side and broil for 2 more mins.
    • Alternate Options: Try w/ toast OR tater tots OR shredded potatoes.

Important Note: You’re trying to emulsify this sauce with a whisk. Emulsification will occur due to shear forces on the tiny droplets of fat, mixing them with the yolks as the tines of the whisk are dragged at high velocity through your viscous liquid. You’re probably whisking around and around and lifting some of the mixture up off the surface, which will incorporate a ton of tiny bubbles.

What you should do instead is move your whisk laterally, just purely back and forth at high speed, with the occasional mix to ensure homogeneity. This technique change will allow you to apply the same shear, without incorporating so many bubbles. Hope this helps!

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