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Avoid The Modern Evils Of Real Estate

All you want to do is sell your home. That’s great! What could be simpler? But are you prepared?

Follow along and learn how to sell your home in any market and not be victimized by shady characters known as real estate agents. Not every realtor is as they seem. And, some are masquerading as conniving, untrustworthy assassins.

The wrong real estate agent can lead to disaster, including accusations of cold blooded murder and manufacturing meth! This unbelievable true story witnesses a young family attempting to sell their first home and the real estate hellstorm that engulfs them when the body of an unidentified child is found under the bed during an open house!

Welcome to the hellish nightmare that is real estate where anything seems possible no matter how far fetched the surrounding circumstances. Wrapped inside this intriguing mystery are eye witness accounts and compelling evidence to separate truth from fantasy.

From award winning author and visionary creator G. S. Gerry comes the critically acclaimed nonfiction debut Meth Murder & Amazon.

A humorous, suspense filled roller coaster that goes downhill as quickly as a methamphetamine rush. This plot twisting symphony of laughter, absurdity, & betrayal will leave you speechless. Wondering how far one father will go to rescue his family from the unthinkable.

Come read the awe-inspiring, award-winning MASTERCLASS and learn what it really takes to sell your home and avoid the modern evils of real estate.

Author G. S. Gerry presents a witty, gripping read that will keep you guessing and pulls you to the edge of your seat until the very end. Buying and Selling will never be the same!

As an added bonus, you will laugh over and over, and over again at the unforgettable, hilarious calamities that overwhelms this family on a shocking adrenaline-charged thrill ride.

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