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Media Appearances

Writers on Writers Over A Triple Espresso Podcast

G. S. Gerry sits down w/ award-winning podcaster Patrick Greenwood to discuss the ground breaking novel Meth Murder & Amazon.
The podcast shows a great interview with G. S. Gerry.  A great podcast for writers and book reviews. Check out the video HERE.

Check out Patrick Greenwood at https://cyclewriterllc.com/

The Douglas Coleman Show

G. S. Gerry sits down w/ Douglas Coleman to discuss Meth Murder & Amazon and overcoming Muphy’s Law. Check out the video NOW.

Enjoy Douglas’ reaction to the unbelievable, true stories author G. S. Gerry shares.  https://www.douglascolemanmusic.com/videos/

E-Heroes Podcast: MMA, It’s Not What You Think

G. S. Gerry sits down w/ Rob Anspach on the E-Heroes Podcast from http://www.AnspachMedia.com 

Rob Anspach interviews G. S. Gerry about his book Meth Murder &Amazon, and about his time in the Navy, and what inspires him. Check out the video HERE

The i'm booked podcast, podcast guest, podcast guest appearance, G. S. Gerry guest, April O'leary, G. S. Gerry

I’m Booked Podcast: Truth is Crazier Than Fiction

 In this episode, G. S. Gerry, author of Meth, Murder and Amazon, talks with April O’Leary about his crazier than fiction true story of selling his home where he was accused of murder and cooking meth in his garage. 

Three realtors later, he created a major media storm that backfired on him. This father of four is hilarious and down-to-earth. He writes in a way that is engaging and hysterical. 

Check out Episode 47 of the I’m Booked Podcast at https://www.olearypublishing.com/podcast/

Tuddle Daily Podcast 645 “Meth House”

G. S. Gerry hangs out on the Tuddle Daily Podcast to talk about the book he wrote, including being accused of trying to sell a meth house. Check out the video NOW.

Check out the Tuddle Daily Podcast at https://www.tuddle.net/

author assist radio show, karina kantas, guest appearance, podcast guest, radio guest

Meth On the Radio – Author Assist

G. S. Gerry makes an appearance on the Author Assist Radio Show w/ Karina Kantas.  

From real estate agents, to assassins, to overcoming Murphy’s Law – G. S. Gerry and Karina Kantas share a laugh and discuss the unbelievable true events of Meth Murder & Amazon.

Check it out at https://media.artistfirst.com/ArtistFirst_Karina_Kantas_2022-06-10.mp3

The MisFitNation Podcast

G. S. Gerry’s hangs out on the MisFitNation Podcast w/ Rich LaMonica. 

Meth Murder & Amazon, from a veteran’s perspective! G. S. Gerry and Rich discuss the military life and hilarious Navy stories, featured HERE.

Check it out at https://www.themisfitnation.com/gs-gerry-author-meth-murder-and-amazon-navy-veteran/

AUR Podcast Episode 34: G. S. Gerry

G. S. Gerry has a hilarious time on the Anchor Up Podcast w/ Matthew Johnson. 

 Have you sold  a home or bought a home?  I’m sure you have  heard crazy stories about the process, but I assure you that you have not heard anything yet.  G. S. Gerry’s book Meth, Murder and Amazon is the story of his family selling a home and all the misadventures his realtors took them through.  The book is a great read and is one that will have you scratching your head and laughing at the same time.  Enjoy this episode and get your copy today!

Check it out at https://www.themisfitnation.com/gs-gerry-author-meth-murder-and-amazon-navy-veteran/

Book Talk – Book Place Media

G. S. Gerry’s first live appearance on the Book Talk live interview w/ Anthony Muiruri.  

Quite the meth’ed up performance from G. S. Gerry.  He even provides an excerpt from the beginning of the book. And, in his best Megamind voice!

Check it out at https://bookplacemedia.com/g-s-gerry/

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